Static Home Page Example

Focus WordPress Theme

By presenting information inside a Focus Card, you can grab a visitor’s attention and direct it precisely where you want it to go.

Any content you add will be formatted like a regular Post or Page; you can even include a list for maximum impact!

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Bullet 3
Thesis Theme System

Cards are a perfect format for displaying products, courses, books, downloads, opt-ins, or any other “thing” you’d like to advertise on your website.

And thanks to different linking and formatting options, you’ll be able to create Cards that look and behave exactly how you want!

Focus Cards rely on Thesis Theme System technology.

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In an attempt to increase the quality of information on the Web surrounding static home pages with WordPress, I’ve decided to create a few sample pages that I can use as references in my upcoming tutorial. If everything goes as planned, I’ll end up with a simple method that anyone can employ to create their own static home page with a blog tucked somewhere further down in their site’s hierarchy.

Here is my big gray box.

Stay tuned, because I’m sure there’s at least one semi-annoying hurdle I’ll have to clear along the way!

C:\this is dumb

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