Is this gonna post to the GRT Twitter account?

If it does, please disregard because this is just a test.

How about a YouTube Video Test?

Let’s test some videos! But there’s a catch—we want to do this in a way that doesn’t compromise performance.

Well, friends, we’re gonna need some help here…we’re gonna need the YouTube Box from DIYthemes! [continue reading…]

If you compose a new post in WordPress 2.7 or higher, it looks as though the excerpt field may be auto-populated in a way that it was not in previous versions. I only mention this because I’ve noticed some janky <meta name="description" /> behavior over the last couple of weeks, and I’ve got to solve this problem to ensure that I’m not screwing with people’s <head>s, ya dig? Read this ish →

If a Post Title Spans Two Lines and Still Looks Good, You Win!

So yeah, this is one of those things that you gotta test. If it comes out right, you’ll be a hero. Otherwise – baaaaa – you’ll be a friggin’ goat. I needed some extra text for testing purposes, so here ya go.

What happens if I try to center some text intuitively?