How about a YouTube Video Test?

Let’s test some videos! But there’s a catch—we want to do this in a way that doesn’t compromise performance.

Well, friends, we’re gonna need some help here…we’re gonna need the YouTube Box from DIYthemes! [continue reading…]

If you compose a new post in WordPress 2.7 or higher, it looks as though the excerpt field may be auto-populated in a way that it was not in previous versions. I only mention this because I’ve noticed some janky <meta name="description" /> behavior over the last couple of weeks, and I’ve got to solve this problem to ensure that I’m not screwing with people’s <head>s, ya dig? Read this ish →

If a Post Title Spans Two Lines and Still Looks Good, You Win!

So yeah, this is one of those things that you gotta test. If it comes out right, you’ll be a hero. Otherwise – baaaaa – you’ll be a friggin’ goat. I needed some extra text for testing purposes, so here ya go.

What happens if I try to center some text intuitively?

Have You Sampled Your Code Today?

One particular HTML element that has been taking up way too much of my time lately is the <code> tag. Different browsers will render the contents of this tag differently depending on how the CSS properties (such as line-height, font, and/or font-size) are declared.

It is a constant battle to ensure that elements will render correctly, and even when you think you’ve gotten everything worked out perfectly, you may find that Safari, for instance, doesn’t know what to do with an unordered list of encoded text:

  • Safari
  • may not
  • render this
  • worth a damn

And even when you’ve gotten all that figured out, you still have to ensure that the <pre> tag is styled properly and renders consistently across a wide range of modern browsers.

protected function translate() {
	$this->title = __('My Box Title', $this->_class);
	$this->name = __('My Instance Name', $this->_class);
code {
	font: 0.92857em Consolas, Monaco, Courier;
	color: #050;

Also test