Landing Page Style 3

This is a badass landing page.

You can add any markup you like, as it’s all controlled from the WordPress post editor, just like any other normal post or page.

Wanna use shortcodes? No problem.

How about images from the WordPress Media Gallery? Easy.

And last, but certainly not least, what if you want to drop an email signup form in this post? Well, that’s a little harder because WordPress is a bit of an unruly beast.

For now, we may resort to a shortcode for this functionality. The necessary PHP to pull this off would be somewhat redundant, and while that makes me sad, it’s not the end of the world.

But sometimes, you only need a single paragraph to get the job done, and you can see that in action right here.

Once again, we explore the styles included with this Skin and find that we have a versatile note class.

Perhaps you’ll be able to get away with whatever markup you like in here…or perhaps you won’t.

One thing is for sure—these notes won’t go unnoticed.

Content Boxes are super pro.

They can even include more than one paragraph, and they’ll still look boss.

1 This is the first footnote.

2 How about a second footnote? This explains a lot, doesn’t it? Now, how do you get back to the main text once you’ve arrived at this footnote?

3 This is the third and final footnote. Where’s your styling now, mister?