A selection of testimonials from our happy clients. We’ve helped over 100 agency owners and high-ticket coaches go from 6- to 7-figure run rates. Over a dozen have hit 8-figures.

Scale Your Sales™

Aleric Heck

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“8 of our 10 sales reps came from CoachingSales.com”

Jeff Miller
Cool Beans Digital

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“I saved 3-4 hrs per day & got a higher yield on sales calls.”

David Melman

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“Their closers brought in $10 million in sales”

Done For You Setters™

Connor Robertson

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“No question, hands-down the best investment we’ve made this year.”

Ahmad Munawar
Boutique Growth

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“Ultimately, this Setter program is what unlocked scale in my business.”

Lani Nalu
Life Coach For Women

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“This is the most impactful thing we’ve done in our business.”