See This Theme’s Styles in Action!


Sub-headlines have already been used twice in this post…did you spot them? The first one says “Lists,” and the second one says “Sub-Headlines.” Thanks to the flexibility of our themes, you can create similar headlines without having to do any styling on-the-fly. All you have to do is wrap your headline text in <h2> tags, and BOOM, you’ll get results like you see here.

Oh, and guys? We need some centered text on this one, too.

WordPress HTML editor button

If you’re using the Rich Visual Text Editor (which I absolutely do not recommend), you need to switch to the HTML viewer and enter your text between <h2> tags. When you’re done, click on the Update button, and you can continue writing your entry.

Super sub-heading

If you’re using the regular old text-based editor (cheers if you are!), then you could write a line that looks something like this: <h3>Blockquotes</h3>, and you’ll end up with something that looks like this…

Sometimes, I might want to display specialized content instead of my primary Modular Content.